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Amazing meals with an authentic flavors. Cant wait to bring my mother

Awesome new restaurant in the neighborhood 
Very friendly staff 
Super good food. Very reasonably priced. You all need to try it.

First of all I love that food is served on hot plates so the food stays hot while you eat it! I ordered an omelette with cheese, bacon, red peppers, onion, and smothered in red chili. It came with toast and homemade shaved home fries. The flavor and quality of the food is great!!! And the overall value is totally worth it!!! Service was friendly and accommodating! Highly recommend this place! I will be back to try the dinner menu!!!

We are so glad that there's a delicious Mexican food restaurant in the neighborhood ever time we order a meal it's so good

Finally... an authentic, delicious, Mexican Restaurant in the neighborhood! I'm so impressed with the service and food... we're talking- if you moved here from California and STILL. Haven't. Found. Good. Mexican. Food.- you will love this place good. It's worth a trip to this neck of the woods from Denver or East Aurora... you won't be sorry.

Authentic, creative, friendly, frequented by native speakers. 
Family owned, from Jalisco. 
The restaurants in Fort Collins and in Wyoming. 
This is not an Americanized gringo eatery but the real deal. 
Many seafood choices. 
Will return for happy hour. 
I had the avocado torta

The service is amazing. Food is great quality a day fresh. Service is fast. Yes yes, go here

I lived in Arizona for many years and have eaten some awesome Mexican food there. El Molcajete is in that league with great food, friendly service, large portions and reasonable priced. Check it out, it is worth the trip

Impressed! We were after Mexican cuisine and had searched Yelp from a random parking lot, gotten frustrated and chose to head down Havana. I saw the words, "Mexican restaurant," and jerked the wheel. At first my friend was like, "but it's in a shopping center and looks like a bar." He was wrong! This place is a hidden gem for some really delicious food! The biggest praise we both had was that the restrooms were by far the cleanest we've used in public in quite some time. The waitress was extremely attentive and helpful. The food (we both tried combination plates so we could try everything!) were enormous and intimidating at first but we then found ourselves devouring the entire plate. I am not from this area but I will return more frequently just to dine here.

This new restaurant is a gem! We got there in time for Happy Hour - when was the last time you had a $2 beer?! We had the appetizer tray, which is truly enough for 4 and very tasty. The tortilla soup is excellent as are the refried beans and the chili relleno. And the service is just perfect, not bugging you but not deserting you either. We will be back!

Great find!! Very authentic Mexican food and delicious as well. Have had dinner and lunch and both were plentiful and delicious.
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